Saturday, May 31, 2008

Evil's got style

Sir has been away for a full week on job-related duties that involve boats (--ships!) and oil spills (oops). It's been a miserly week for him, so to cheer myself up I got my hair cut. My idea of taking care of my hair is usually cutting it myself and feeling proud if I get it colored once a year, so it was a daunting decision. Nevertheless, I prepared. I took in my obligatory photos of Keira Knightley and proceeded to spend fifteen minutes telling the stylist what I wanted, only I wasn't sure what I wanted, does she know what I want? But I don't want THAT, I want this, for sure, or maybe not, YOU decide. Do I or don't I want to be able to tuck a bit of hair behind my ear? THESE ARE BIG DECISIONS. Or how about the color? I want THIS, but not really that. Even though they're the SAME thing.

I think after a while she decided I didn't know WHAT I wanted so she'd take care of poor little Chiquita.

This is the result. Sexy, no?

I'm pleased. If you're in the San Diego area and thinking, "oh shit, I need to look great for the beach!" try hitting up the Hair and Body Bar out in Point Loma. Dahling, it's fabulous.

However, I didn't inform Sir of the hair excursion and the resulting expense, so when he told me he'd be getting drunk with me tonight (waggly eyebrows are happening on my forehead as I type this), I realized I ought to fess up. It's not like I can hide the shoe bag or the new mascara I bought (hey! My old mascara was from LAST YEAR. You don't want me to go blind, do you?), so I set out to write him an email. Here's how I prepped him:

Babe, I look a little different....

I walked into three doors, had a major car accident on Tuesday that I didn't tell you about that I had to go to the hospital for, I've got stitches holding my right eyebrow to my face from where I hit the steering column, and that mysterious bump I had on my forehead weeks ago is back, inexplicably. Oh, and I had your dog with me in the car when I had the accident. She's limping.

The great thing about emails is that, for dramatic emphasis, you have two options. You can send another email later, or you can hit the Enter button lots and lots of times. After lots of Enter-ing, I finally said:

Actually, I just cut my hair. The dog's fine. I'm fine.
Speaking of hair, I think my husband is going to be one hot silver-haired lad.


Anonymous said...

Yay, I REALLY like it! I think Chris will too. What a fun change. You can be sure that I will not be nearly that brave. Dare I ask what you spent on it? Whatever it was, it looks like it was worth it.

Chiquita said...

Why, thank you, Dearest! He did like it, a whole bunch, and it only cost me $130. I say "only" because from the pricing guidelines of most of the salons I found that produced a price list of services, around $150-200 is average.