Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The cappuchino swirl

Amongst my group of girlfriends, when one is panty-peeing excited, there's a word we yell [type] out: SQUEEEEEEE!!! In order for it to work properly and adequately convey the level of excitement, one adds/subtracts "E"s and exclamation points.


Girlfriend: SQEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: You got engaged, right?

Girlfriend: SQUEE!
Me: You saw a beluga whale at SeaWorld?

There's also the drunken "squee" that occurs whilst typing online between ourselves, but that usually involves significant typing errors that can only be authentically reproduced by the imbibed-impaired themselves.

That said, there is some measure of "squee-ing" occurring in my life today. At somewhere around 1pm, a shuttle is picking me and my hot pink suitcase up from my home and depositing me at the San Diego Airport, where I'll purchase magazines home. To Washington, to Seattle, to things I know and people I love. Ordinarily the ensuing squee would look like this: SQUEEE!! but for one drawback, a not insignificant fact that casts a dark shadow on my excitement. Sir, courtesy of the Navy, will not be going with me, and this morning I kissed my last kiss until August.

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Sarah said...

I love a good squee! I don't use it often so when I do, you know it's something good.