Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O for Obama, R for Right, G for Great, A for Awesome, S for Smart, M for Me, I for No "I" in "Team," C for Cool!

Last night was a very emotional night for everyone, I think. The reasons one voted for their candidate aren't really my business, and I honestly believe that most people voted according to what they knew best and the research they had put into it, as well as how they believed, so the things I've overheard people saying in the last weeks, that you're stupid if you vote for So-and-So, were pretty hurtful to me. It's easy to see why one would prefer McCain to Obama. And vice versa. I voted for Obama for a variety of reasons that made sense to me, but not necessarily to someone else.

Personally, I cried when I watched Obama's speech, because at the core of it was that something shattered in the American system--when I was told in first grade that I could grow up to be President, and then I saw the procession of president after president, none of whom really LOOKED or acted different, I threw that out the window. Obama's victory, whether one voted for or against him, seemed to me to exemplify that old story that you really COULD grow up to be president.

Whether your candidate won or not, last night was one of the most patriotic things I've ever seen, and for the first time in my life, I can say that the American people spoke out and declared their choice.

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